April 11, 2018
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When it comes to Soccer, it is the most loving and has the largest fan following in the world with around 3.5 billion followers. No wonder that we find Soccer as the most followed sporting game considering its passion, aggression, emotion, excitement and many more. Soccer is a game which demands a player to be very fit and be agile, tough rather a complete player full of energy. For this, each player obviously will need proper equipment for an improvement or for their best performance to happen. Each and every player need to have the proper equipment in their belt. They cannot compete properly if not prepared with their equipment. Normally every team provides players with the tools they need.

Here is some Equipment for improved performance:

  • Soccer Ball

Obviously, if you are playing Soccer you will definitely need a Soccer Ball. Each player should have their own ball for practice. The coaches may provide it. There are different sizes of Soccer balls, it comes in 3,4, and 5 sizes. These sizes are made for the different age group with a size of ball increasing in increasing order of numbers.

  • Footwear

Also called ‘Cleats’, a special footwear which is made exclusively to play soccer. They have spikes on their base and helps in a proper traction while running on grass. Kicking a ball also becomes easy and not as painful as without the footwear.

  • Shin Guards

With the footwear on their feet running around with aggression can sometimes cause accidents and can damage a player’s shin very badly. Shin is very much vulnerable to get kicked while playing either unintentionally or sometimes intentionally. It is always preferred to wear proper shin-guards for protection from any injury caused.

  • Soccer-Socks

In soccer, soccer socks are different from normal other socks. They are extremely large to cover the shin-guards. It is very long. Maximum teams provide it in the uniform. But some of the teams ask players to have their own.

  • Jersey

A jersey is an integral part of a team game. In a Soccer game during the match when played on a large ground, players can only identify their teammates if they have some unique dress to make them identifiable. A jersey also represents the brand of that team. A jersey also has a jersey number on it, which represents the accountability players have for themselves.

  • Gloves

The goalkeeper is one of the most important reason how Soccer was invented. The whole Soccer game is for the goals to score. The goalkeeper has gloves to keep them safe from any injury that can be caused by catching the ball. There are many situations in old days when goalkeepers get their fingers fractured. These days new gloves which are prepared for the keepers are stiff and provide a good protection for their hand.

  • Goalkeeper uniform

These are normally long-sleeved which helps prevent injury. Normally those are of different colored from the team. Their shots are longer and also padded for protection from injury. Looking at goalkeepers of different teams may seem that they don’t belong to their own team because of the color difference of their jersey.

Every game has its own set of equipment. Having a proper set of equipment helps a player to learn the tricks and skills for their growth. But there is one thing which is not an equipment but is most valuable in terms of growing and learning as a player. It is the coach. Even if a player has all the required set of kit and extraordinary equipment, if a proper coaching is absent, there may not be a complete player to emerge.

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